A select portfolio of the features, shorts and other projects I have shot (and quite possibly produced) over the years.


Martin's Hagge (2016) Short

Director: Penny Eizenga
Production Company: Dog Eared Productions
Produced by: Penny Eizenga, Ben Robinson
Written by: Gordon Pinsent

Starring: Sheila McCarthy, Martha MacIsaac, Paul Braunstein

Dead House (2017) Short

Director: Travis Laidlaw
Production Company: Ethereum Films
Produced by: Justin Chambers
Written by: Travis Laidlaw

Starring: Virgil Howarth , Redd Ochoa



Darkland (2017) IPF Trailer

Directors: Travis Laidlaw, Justin J Chambers, Ben Robinson
Production Company: Ethereum Films
Produced by: Justin Chambers, Travis Laidlaw, Ben Robinson

Dead Cat Bounce (2013) Short

Director: John Virtue
Production Company: Boreguard Films
Produced by: John Virtue, Alexander Braff
Written by: John Virtue

Starring: Tyler McMaster, Mac Dale, Mark Lewis


Mithila Makhaan (2016) Feature

Director: Nitin Chandra
Production Company: Champarian Talkies
Produced by: Nitin Chandra, Neetu Chandra

A Case of Deceit (2009) Feature

Director: Adam Kirkey
Production Company: Slinger Pictures
Produced by: Travis Laidlaw